Ran Mouri’s Profile

Japan’s Name : 毛利 蘭 Mōri Ran

Indonesian’s Name : Ran Mouri

English’s Name : Rachel Moore

Age : 17th years old

Birthday : 1st October

Blood type : A

Gender : Female

Job : student 2-B of SMU Teitan

Parent : Kogoro Mouri (father) and Eri Kisaki (mother)

Goal : Karate master in Japan

Zodiac : Libra

Best Friend : Sonoko Suzuki


1. She has a soft nature
2. Good at martial arts (karate)
3. brave (if  want to defend people who she loved)
4. She is cute and kind person
5. She can cook (even a great dish)
6. She can sing of course (hhehe)
7. Strong (even Shinichi scared if he look at Ran’s power)

1. Sloppy
2. Fear of ghost

Interest :

• People : Shinichi Kudo
• Color : Red


• Ghost

Friend from child...


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