Parent’s Profile.. ^o^

Shinichi’s Parent

– Yusaku Kudo (Shinichi’s father)

Yusaku Kudo

  • Japan’s Name : 工藤 優作 Kudō Yusaku
  • English’s Name : Booker Kudo
  • Indonesian’s Name : Yusaku Kudo
  • Family : Yukiko Kudo (wife) and Shinichi Kudo (son)
  • Job : novelist known for mystery novels, especially detective novels (he has created the popular character, “Night Baron”)

He is very smart and he had often helped the police solve cases that can not be solved other people. The ability to solve the case better than Shinichi. (waow :D) He is the person who makes a Thief Kid (Phantom Thief Kid) for “Thief no. 1412” (Phantom Thief 1412)

– Yukiko Kudo (Shinichi’s mother)

Yukiko Kudo

  • Japan’s Name : 工藤 有希子 Kudō Yukiko
  • English’s Name : Vivian Kudo
  • Indonesian’s Name : Yukiko Kudo
  • Family : Yusaku Kudo (husband) and Shinichi Kudo (son)
  • Job : Actress

Because of her reputation as the wife of the famous mystery novel writer and because she involved herself in several criminal cases that sometimes she helped to solve, she had been given a nickname, “The Night Baroness” for the main character of her husband created for mystery novels.

Ran’s Parent

– Kogoro Mouri (Ran’s father)

Kogoro Mouri

  • Japan’s Name : 毛利 小五郎 Mōri Kogorō
  • English’s Name : Richard Moore
  • Indonesian’s Name : Kogoro Mouri
  • Family : Eri Kisaki (wife) and Ran Mouri (daughter)
  • Job : Private Detective (previously, he is member of the police force)

Kogoro has parted with his wife and lives alone with her daughter, Ran Mouri. Kogoro, also called the bearer of bad luck / Kogoro sleep because he’s always where there is no mystery or murder case and he always solve problems while sleeping because of the bullets shot by Conan anesthetic. Before he met Conan, he is an ex-member police force. She resigned because guilt after the wrong target to shoot his own wife. Once out, he worked as a private detective who confused and often makes analytical sense.

Eri Kisaki (Ran’s mother)

Eri Kisaki

  • Japan’s Name : 妃 英里 Kisaki Eri
  • English’s Name : Eva Kadan
  • Indonesian’s Name : Eri Kisaki
  • Family : Kogoro Mouri (husband) and Ran Mouri (daughter)
  • Job : Lawyer

He was known as the “Queen of Lawyers.” He has been living apart with Kogoro Mouri since 10 years ago because her husband (Kogoro) often got drunk, betting on horse racing, and the things she did not like.  But now she is still wearing her wedding ring and always test theKogoro whether she still loved her or not.  She has a kind of Russian Blue cat named Goro from Eri’s husband’s name (Kogoro).


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