Ga Jealous, Ran?

Selamat malam sahabaat.. Lagi ngapain? Hehe

Ok.. Malam ini I just want to share my another babble[s].

Postingan ini tidak diwajibkan dibaca sampai habis, bahkan tidak dianjurkan untuk dibaca. Karena sejujurnya Rani cuma membagi cerita ini sebagai diary aja. 🙂

Well, its your choice to continue reading my babble.

Some month ago, I end up with my ex-bf. Haha.. Ex-bf? That’s a weird word for me. Yea, I don’t like the word ‘ex-‘ here. I hate be called ex-gf of someone. bzz

Although we broke up, but our relationship still going well. He is my big brother now (y).
To be honest, I think nothing changed. But I don’t know how with him.

And then now, he got the new one. Haha (what is that new one?)
And, to be honest (again), I’m so happy.  Really.. I just feel a little angry, because he didn’t tell me. I figure it out by myself. Huh, what a brother.

To cut the stories, my aunt ask me : “you did jealous with him, didn’t you?”

I just laugh to hear that quest. “Of course I didn’t”. Yea, I think I have no reason to jealous with him. I’m even happy. I’m confused with myself, Why I can’t jealous with him. Hhaha.. Yah, maybe it was because of me myself. Its not can’t to, but don’t want to.

From the first, I have a commitment, I dont want too over in having relationship with someone. So, maybe it makes me look like not serious, and Im sorry for that. Its my way to avoid get hurt by someone. So, for you boys, if you want to have special relationship with me, think carefully first. Fufufu..
(FYI, I dont want to have one for now. Just as best friend is ok, but not as boyfriend)

And, for you, my big brother.. If you read this post, don’t illfeel with me, ‘key ! Hehe.. I have no particular motive to write this babble, just for my diary. I will always love you as my brother. Oya, longlast with her! She is a nice girl, isn’t she? 😉


Hehe, itu aja deh.. Thanks ya udah baca sampe selesai..
Jangan bosan baca postingan Rani~


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