Back From Zhong Shan !! ♥

Oh my…

My lovely mother already came back from Zhong Shan, China yesterday !!

I really missed her.. ♥ ♥ ♥

I hug her, and then… hhehe, I asked the souvenir.. hhoho ^o^

But, this souvenir is bought from Hongkong, not Zhong Shan.
This is it !!

A bracelets..

crystal stone bracelets $##HK

Then, toy for my handphone. hhohoho


crystal stone too..

Look more cool with my black casing's phone xp

After that, chocolate-chocolate.. yummy :9

hmmm, :9

6: yeheee

okey, these are the souvenir from my mother.

Oh, well..
I understand, my mother doesn’t have much time to shopping at there.

When in Hongkong, actually she is wanna go shopping. But, she is really tired.

So, she is just take a rest in hotel. (@Hotel Royal, Hongkong)

It’s ok, mam.. Big thank’s cause you already bought that souvenir.

About the photos, hmm, she is just took a few.. 😦

And there are mostly ‘dark’. So, blurred.. I can’t upload them.

Thanks for read, and ………………..
CU.. :* ♥

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