Bank Robbery

BO = Bank Officer
C = Customer
S = Security


One day, in the noon, a private bank in the suburbs were undergoing it daily activities.

BO : Good afternoon, sir.. Can I help you ?

C1 : Afternoon.. Hmm, I wanna add my savings and check my balance.

BO : Okey, sir.. Please write down the registration form before.

C1 : (write down) Here you are..

BO : Well, please wait for a minute, sir.. (insert the data) Your data has been registered sir. The money, please ?

C1 : Ooh, this is it.

BO : Thank you, sir..

C1 : Welcome.. (just go, but his tie shoes is off)

After that customer go, the next customer is go forward.

BO : Good afternoon, sir.. Can I help you ?

C2 : Afternoon. Yes, I wanna taking money.

BO : Oh, well.. Please write down the registration form before, sir..

C2 : (write down) Oh, my.. The pen is run out of ink. I’ll just use my own if like that. (take a pen, but issued weapon) Put the money into this bag, quickly ! Or, I’ll kill this man ! (make the other Customer become hostage)

BO : Oh no !! Bank robber !! Ok sir, but don’t shot him. Don’t creat a bloodshed. (Wanna put in the money into bag)

C1 : Calm down, miss..

C2 : Shut up, you !!

S : What happened ?

(The robber spin around, and catched by that customer)

C1 : You’re wrong if you make me become your hostage.

C2 : What ? Who are you ?

C1 : I’m -(his name)-, a policeman who was off duty right now.

S : I’m sorry, sir.. But who is this man ?

BO : He is a bank robber !!

C1 : It’s ok now. I’ll take him to the police station.

BO : Thank you sir.. You save our bank..

C1 : Never mind, it was my duty, miss.

S : Let me help you, sir..

C2 : Damn it ! I failed again just because I make a hostage a wrong person.

C1 : You’ll be judged soon.

The activity in that bank is continue again. The bank robber taken to the police station by that policeman. That incident is comply the front page of newspaper next morning.



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