I can’t stop my love for you ♥ ♥ ♥ -Aiuchi Rina-



*I can’t stop my love for you
Futari katatta mirai ni
Kimi to no ibasho ga aru you ni
Oh baby I can:t stop my love for you
Kimi no subete ni natte ne tsunaida te shinjite
Aruite yuku to chikau yo

Futari no me no mae nazo mekihirogatta
Mikansei na chizu
Demo totemo totemo kokoro ugoita…
Donna kotoba narabete mitemo
Katarikirenai omoi
Kono ai ga sasayaku yo itoshi sa no imi wo

I can’t stop my love for you
Futari ayumu SUPIIDO wa
Kitto onaji hazu ja nai kara ne
Moshimo kimi no tonari kono te ga hanareta toki wa
Miushiwanai you ni kitto mukae ni kite ne
“Daikirai” nante USO demo iwanai kedo
“Daisuki” datte USO nanka ja iwanai kara ne
Aenai toki sae kimi wa
Nani mo kangaeru yoyuu mo nai kurai
Kono kokoro wo hitorijime ni surun dakara

I can`t stop my love for you
Futatsu no ai ga hanarete shimawanai you ni
Hitotsu ni daitete
Soredemo fuan na yoru wa
Otozureru mono dakara ne
Sonna toki wa GYUtto
Oogesa ni dakishimeteite

Kakegae no nai mono
Kimi ga takusan koko ni kureta
Dakedo nani yori mo ichiban
Kakegae no nai mono wa kimi nan da

English Translation

*I can’t stop my love for you
we spoke toward the future
like we had a place we could go together
Oh baby I can’t stop my love for you
I’ll become your everything I believe in your promise
to never let go of my hand as we walk

before our eyes, the mystery of this incomplete map
has spread and expanded
but it moved my heart so much…
however you arrange your words,
these thoughts can never be told enough
this love is whispering the meaning of affection

I can’t stop my love for you
because the speed at which we both will walk
is surely not the same…
if it happens am beside you and you drop my hand
so we don’t lose one another, come back and get me, okay?
I won’t say lies like “I hate you” but
For “I love you” that’s never a lie isn’t it?
if I can’t see you, if I can’t be with you
don’t you dare start getting lenient with your thoughts…
because this heart belongs to you and only you

I can`t stop my love for you
so our love won’t be torn apart, the two of us
will have to hold onto it as one
and on those nights
when uncertainty visits you
take our love in your arms
and embrace it tightly

of all of these irreplaceable things
that you have given to me here
the most precious thing you have given
is you yourself

♥♥♥♥♥ KhaiRanii Kudo Chann ♥♥♥♥♥


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